Pay What You Can Cafe

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“Destiny Community Café” offers everyone to Pay-What-You-Can!

Destiny Community Café is a nonprofit 501c3 and a member of

“One World Everybody Eats Foundation” (OWEE). 

Destiny is housed at Scott’s Grand Reception & Corporate Center

We will raise the level of awareness about food insecurity (hunger) in this country and reduce food waste, while also being a catalyst for change in our communities.

The cafe is open Monday-Friday 12 pm-2pm, where diners pay what they can afford. If you are unable to donate you may do volunteer work for an hour in exchange for your meal.

Destiny Community Café is the only OWEE Pay What You Can Cafe in South Carolina.  Its patrons set the price for their mostly local & organic as much as possible, soul food cuisine. If you can give more, please do. If you have a little less, pay what you can. If your pockets are empty, exchange an hour of volunteer work at Destiny for one of the café’s mouth-watering meals.

The Scott family catering team, members of the Soul Food Alliance & Volunteers from the community operate the kitchen for the Destiny Community Cafe.

It is the intent of Destiny Community Cafe to build a healthy community by providing a basic need of food in a respectful and dignified manner to anyone who walks through the door.

Destiny also implements “farm to table” concepts and outreach programs by utilizing local farmers such as Fields Farm.

For a significant number of Americans, putting food on the table every day is a struggle. 16 million kids – 1 in 5 – do not have enough to eat each day and lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), over 17 million U.S. households are considered food insecure.

Destiny has a warm & happy environment that is welcoming to existing and new diners, staff, and volunteers at all times.

Destiny’s Features:
•Pay-what-you-can pricing
•Healthy, seasonal foods – providing local and organic where possible; We work closely with the local farms.
•Eliminate food waste daily
•Community Table – We have larger tables where individuals and small groups can sit with others and make a larger group that can cross social, economic and other societal boundaries.
• Wifi

Sustainability is crucial!!!

Ways You can help:

  1.   Come for lunch
  2.   Donate money (see below)
  3.   Become a regular Sponsor
  4.   Donate Food (cafe donations sheet)
  5.   Spread the word
  6.   Volunteer (see below)
  7.   LIKE us on Facebook
  8.   Follow us on Twitter

Volunteers are Greatly needed!
– Join us to work for meals or just because you want to support our efforts to curb hunger and awareness in the community.



In addition to time, DCC Café is grateful for donations of both monetary and services/materials.

If you wish to make a fully tax-deductible donation, you may do so be sure to indicate: Destiny Community Café, North Charleston, SC.

Destiny Community Café is a non-profit incorporated in Charleston, SC as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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