Conference/ Meetings/Team Building

Meetings, Conferences & Team Building Setting

Scott’s Grand can be transformed to a Meeting/Conference room setting to accommodate large to small groups (seating 100-up). With a large format projector, blackout drapes and state of the art equipment your meeting is sure to be a success. Our set up is structured for attendees to have close interaction.

Scott’s Grand Meeting/Conference Setup is designed to meet all of your executive meeting needs. The setup includes built-in Audio and Visual equipment, and other amenities to impress attendees. The setup is designed for large – small groups. The Meeting/Conference Setup is often used for different trainings, conferences, meetings, team building.

WIN- In -The – Marketplace

Sharing & Connecting people with Business, Families, and the Arts of Charleston…

Scott’s Grand is not the first organization to unite businesses, vendors, entertainers, artist, planners, promoters, and customers together, but we are offering them the opportunity to successfully compete on a level playing field with major companies, as well as market themselves to meet the ever-increasing demand from discerning clients seeking individuals and companies to service them.

As suppliers and vendors to the hospitality industry, there is no better place, or more efficient way, to directly connect with your target customers who are in need of your products or services. Scott’s Grand provides many opportunities to present the benefits of your company both, online and off, to an audience, your #1 prospects, which are event organizers, brides/grooms, families, and other businesses local and around the globe.

Why a Directory? This newly added directory will greatly expand your reach and presence in the market, allowing you to:

  • choose your category (option to list in multiple categories!)
  • update quarterly (Every three months for accuracy of staying in touch with one another!)
  • give description, (of your service(s) and/or product in 25 words or less. optional)
  • very affordable ($20dollars USD)

Scott’s Grand Business subscribers enjoy ongoing access to an ever-growing menu of important networking and information tools. We provide information, host events, promote your business, give access to research data, business development reports, and a whole host of helpful and practical education and business development resources from our affiliates. Suppliers and other members gain invaluable tools to build, expand and maintain their companies as well gain knowledge about new and existing businesses specials and happenings in the area; we work towards becoming a valuable resource.

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