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Wedding & Bridal Expo 2018
Free. Sunday, March 2018
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
One Stop” Expo & Networking!
An afternoon of fun for everyone!

To-be-weds will receive a promo codes, coupons, discounts, and and in-depth information for To-be-weds with a variety of exhibitors!

Five Reasons You Should Attend

1. Get Wedding Discounts

If there are any vendors you have not booked yet, attending an expo or fair is a must for you. Most, if not all, vendors who have booths at these type of events will be offering discounted pricing or free add-ons, as a way to encourage brides to sign contracts on-site. Furthermore, there are bound to be tons of contests and giveaways, which could result in free merchandise or even a free wedding vendor! Virtually all wedding fairs also give out prize bags just for attending – which are typically filled with awesome goodies like coupon codes, discount cards, or even small wedding items.

2. Meet & Discover New Wedding Vendors

Chances are, if you haven’t hired a certain vendor yet, it’s because you haven’t met one you fell in love with. Wedding expos are like the Costco of wedding planning. You’ll get to meet and compare services from dozens of vendors, all in one place. Not only does this make meeting new vendors easy, but it makes comparing them a breeze, as all of their work and information will be right in front of you, and fresh on your mind.

3. Find Wedding Inspiration

Even if you think you have a plan for your big day, wedding fairs can help spark new ideas, or put the finishing touches on all those Pinterest saves. You might know what flowers you want, but seeing different arrangements could give you ideas you hadn’t even thought of before. Maybe you had picked out one color for your theme, but see a display of colors that would work perfectly together. Chances are, if you attend a fair, you’ll leave with at least one new idea for your wedding.

4. See Things You Might Have Forgotten

Sure, wedding building sites and planning books have given us thousands of “wedding check lists” to keep us from forgetting ever little detail – chances are, there’s still some aspect of your wedding day that you haven’t thought about. Honestly, who can blame you? Planning a wedding is overwhelming, and there are SO many things to think about. Wedding expos can help you check off your list, and make sure that you haven’t forgotten any little details. Plus, you’ll feel satisfied walking through the expo and acknowledging all of the things you’ve already done – which helps eliminate some of the stress and can help you relax as the big day approaches.

5. Have Fun & Get Spoiled!

This is your wedding, and you’ll only do it once (unless you’re a pessimist, and if you are, STOP THINKING LIKE THAT!). You deserve to be in the spotlight for a while, and you definitely need to be spoiled! Wedding fairs do just that. You’ll get to walk around all day, sampling goodies and sipping cocktails, while thinking and talking about only you. Sure, this can seem narcissistic, but trust me – us vendors love it! That’s why we do what we do – we WANT to spoil you! Plus, it’s fun to be the center of attention for a while, and your friends and family love spoiling you, too. So take advantage of your engagement, make the most of it, and have some fun in the process! – Author Maurissa McNellis, Mind of Mo Photography

To-be-weds who pre-registered by Saturday, March 05, 2018 is entered to win door prizes all day long, plus eligible for the Grand Prize… 3 DAY/2 NIGHT GIVE-A-WAY!

FREE Registration online
For vendor and sponsorship opportunities, please text 843-478-4462.