About us

SCOTT’S GRAND’s salutation to the arts, family, and business is legendary. Scott’s Grand goal is to maintain good old fashion hospitality; making sure reunions, learning, and face-to-face networking have a place to flourish.

“In keeping with the traditions of our Gullah ancestors, we have dedicated Scotts Grand to those who have paved the way.”

Mr. Edwin Scott Sr. our granddad had the house everyone would go to for family functions & grandmomma (aka momma Scott) had that one “supernatural” pot that feed the masses. No matter how many people came over she had enough food to feed everyone.  – R. Scott

Scotts Grand is unmatched.

SCOTT’S GRAND can be found in the airport area of Charleston, SC, just a few blocks away from the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center, SCOTT’S GRAND is in the middle of a plaza where ABC Studios Army Wives use to film. (Now CBS Studio).

Scott’s Grand is often reserved for private or public events by organizers for weddings, business receptions, artist, political parties, and travelers who have a taste for something different -Food, Wine, the Arts, or the local Soul Food cuisine.

Make your next reunion or social gathering a hit. Start planning yours by booking your event today! click to contact now.

Group rates are available for Schools, Organizations, Birthday, Baby Shower events, Special Events, Business and Seminars, Community Involvement, Christmas Events, Corporate, Fundraising, Weddings, Private Entertaining, Internal & External Catering options.

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